Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Right? Am I right? If that’s the case you must be madly in love with me or have skipped back around the curve to pure unadulterated hate. So to try and make up for the loss of time I bring you an exceptionally good UV unwrapping script/tool I was introduced to at a Maya User Group meeting a week back, or so.

It’s called Zebruv and can be downloaded from CreativeCrash. It is supposedly based off the same code that Zbrush uses for its unwrapping. According to the writer of the script it uses the Angle Based Flattening method (ABF++). If you’re a technical person and would like to know more about that, here’s a link to some white papers on ABF++.

The script comes with a nice setup script that sources the script and adds a nice little shelf button to your favorite shelf of choice. When you press said shelf button a little GUI is launched and you are ready to unwrap.

It’s really as simple as that, you just select the edges of your model that you want to use and click the unwrap button. Through some sort of black voodoo magic a second or so later your model is unwrapped, usually as you would expect. Zebruv seems to have two modes, two radio buttons proclaiming Organic and Hard Surface unwrapping capabilities. From all of my messing around with it the Organic mode seems to unwrap hard surface models better than the Hard Surface mode does. There is no documentation on the script as of yet, so I may be doing something wrong. Most likely probably, and less likely maybe, doing something wrong. Zebruv has some nice little features added on some separate tabs as well inside her GUI. You can save/store some edge sets and and restore them later if you have a really complicated model to unwrap. On its third tab it also puts some really useful shortcuts to some UV editing tools. If you have unwrapped anything in Maya before you probably know where they exist elsewhere. Still, useful none-the-less.

As long as you’re selecting the right edges on your model and taking your time this little script can save you a lot of time in the unwrapping process. Mainly because you don’t have to try and get Automatic Unwrap to work right. Zebruv’s writer also seems to be updating the script quite frequently so I would keep an eye on this script and try it out, definitely.