So, I have been working on so many programs lately other than Maya that this was inevitable. In the spirit of the new year I am going to expand the scope of this little blog here to take into account the various other programs I have grown to love over the last year. Firstly, I have really gotten into python scripting for Nuke and Houdini and my first script post will probably be one of my python scripts for Nuke. I have also done quite a bit of messing around with Realflow5 and have begun to delve into its scripting language to try and unlock some more of it’s hidden amazingness. Since python comes standard in Cinema4D R12 I will not feel so bad about posting those scripts when most people don’t know about python in R11.5 and lower. (Hint – it’s called Py4D, check it out, it’ll make you hate COFFEE) I am currently running through PyMEL which is supposedly a better python interface into Maya than what comes standard. So, I will try and update you on what comes of that screwing around. Otherwise, I will continue to post MEL scripts, cool new plugins, and whatever else I stumble across. Happy New Year!