The winds of change blew so hard I got knocked down and forgot to post my first of the new scripts.

So here is my first attempt at a Nuke script, not the actual compositing script but a python script to help out at render time. I have many times rendered out of Nuke to find that I hadn’t refreshed all my read nodes. Forgetting to make sure that they had the latest renders in their little read node brains. *Whee Beep Boop* That’s my lame attempt at a read node robot impression… Anyways, here’s a simple little script you can run from the script editor. It simply reloads all of the read nodes in your script and you don’t even have to have them selected or anything. Pretty sweet, right?

import nuke

def refreshReads():
    allNodes = nuke.allNodes()
    for readNode in allNodes:
        if readNode.Class() == "Read":
            print("%s is refreshed"%readNode)