Archive for October, 2011

Shuffle Out All Channels

Working in Nuke again kinda feels good. Working with many-layered EXR image sequences can be a bit tedious when you have a lot to set up. So I created this simple little script you can run from the script editor or encapsulate it in a function definition and call it whenever you wish. [...]

Reset Object Translations

If you’ve ever inherited someone else’s model or found that you didn’t have the time to build it yourself you have probably run into this problem. When objects in your scene have their tranlations frozen off-axis, bad things tend to happen. As a TA it can mess with your scripts, and [...]

Select Animated Nodes

Here’s a quick script I threw together today that will take your selection, check if any of the nodes have animation curves attached to them, and then deselect all the nodes that aren’t animated. Leaving you only with the nodes that are animated. I say nodes because it will keep any [...]
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