Here is a quick script I whipped up the other day while sitting around waiting for stuff to render. All you gotta do is select some curves, click a color, and all the curve’s colors will magically change through the awesomeness of scripting. This script will take into account multi-shape curves. So, if you have a curve made of multiple shape nodes, it will color them all the same. It also looks for overrides on shapes and will automatically disconnect them for you to allow the color change. I also added a random color button that will apply a random color to each object in the selection based on the 31 color combinations Maya allows for. Also, it should be noted, the Interface is coded using PyQt4, so if you are using a version of Maya that doesn’t come equipped with PyQt4, you will experience some errors. I built it using Maya2012, and I had no time to test it in other versions of Maya. If you download this and use it in another version of Maya, I would be glad to know if it worked out for you. Good Luck.

Download Script