winds of change

So, I have been working on so many programs lately other than Maya that this was inevitable. In the spirit of the new year I am going to expand the scope of this little blog here to take into account the various other programs I have grown to love over the last year. Firstly, I have really gotten [...]

Fun with Maya

I had the pleasure to be at Duncan Brinsmead’s Fun with Maya talk at SIGGRAPH this last year in New Orleans. If you don’t know who he is, he is the man behind many of Maya’s great features, including Nucleus, among others. He basically went through questions he received from people on his blog and [...]

10 Reasons your Renders Suck…

http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=2&t=845135&highlight=reasons+Renders+suck Here is an amazingly blunt, but also very good article off of CGTalk that sums up a lot of good points that any beginner/intermediate/expert 3D artist should think about with any of there projects/work. Though [...]

Disney’s pTex is Open-Source

So, Disney Animation Studios released the API for pTex as open-source yesterday. I have watched the demo on YouTube and I can honestly say I am wicked excited. I am not usually the one to jump on the bandwagon early on, as Pixar is the only one to implement it into Renderman, as of yet… I am merely [...]
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