facingSetup script

In a continuing effort to keep my MEL/Scripting understanding up to par I continue to try and pump out little scripts that can make a task a little bit easier. Especially something that you have to do often enough it gets amazingly annoying and repetitive. So I was recently doing some loop-able [...]

parti_volume setup v2 (UPDATE)

Firstly, I would like to thank Vic for his comment on my last parti_volume setup post that lead to this breakthrough. NOTE: All work done in Maya 2010. So, in the last tutorial I had stipulated that all geometry and lights must be INSIDE the volume container and that the Camera must be OUTSIDE the [...]

Introducing the Dyna-Cam v3.1

I have had the idea to make a much easier to use dynamic camera rig for Maya for awhile now. But, it wasn’t until I was freelancing and someone else had the same idea, that we jammed our heads together and out popped the Dyna-Cam! It is basically, at the heart, a standard Camera, Aim, & Up with all [...]


A curious little preference, that is not turned on automatically, came to my attention recently. The command is known as popupMenuSelection, but in the Selection area of Maya’s preferences it is a check box labeled Pick Chooser. Once turned on it allows you to pick a single object [...]

Fun with Maya

I had the pleasure to be at Duncan Brinsmead’s Fun with Maya talk at SIGGRAPH this last year in New Orleans. If you don’t know who he is, he is the man behind many of Maya’s great features, including Nucleus, among others. He basically went through questions he received from people on [...]

10 Reasons your Renders Suck…

http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=2&t=845135&highlight=reasons+Renders+suck Here is an amazingly blunt, but also very good article off of CGTalk that sums up a lot of good points that any beginner/intermediate/expert 3D artist should think about with any of there [...]

Smooth Mesh Preview

Remember the good ol’ days when you could apply TurboSmooth to everything in your scene and than turn the viewport iterations to zero and let Mental Ray sort out all of that wacky smoothing stuff? Then one day you opened up Maya and everything changed. You applied a Subdiv Proxy, [...]

Disney’s pTex is Open-Source

So, Disney Animation Studios released the API for pTex as open-source yesterday. I have watched the demo on YouTube and I can honestly say I am wicked excited. I am not usually the one to jump on the bandwagon early on, as Pixar is the only one to implement it into Renderman, as of [...]

MultiAttr has Arrived!

I had to do it, it was bugging me terribly. I took the setAttr on Multiple Objects expression below and turned it into a full on procedure. Save this little mel script into the scripts folder. multiAttr.mel Open up your script editor and type… source multiAttr; multiAttr; Highlight [...]

Noise is God

node.attribute = noise((frame / A) + B) * C; A = Frame divided by a number will smooth the noise out over that many numbers of frames. B = If you think about a regular 2D noise texture, this noise expression samples upwards in the Y direction. So if you add the same expression to [...]
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