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Release the Hounds! Here comes Houdini 12!

So Facebook is ACTUALLY good for something… I found out Houdini 12 was released today and I have already downloaded the Apprentice version to mess around with. Head on over to Side Effects Website to check out all the totally AMAZING new features. Happy Houdini-ing!

Fun with Maya

I had the pleasure to be at Duncan Brinsmead’s Fun with Maya talk at SIGGRAPH this last year in New Orleans. If you don’t know who he is, he is the man behind many of Maya’s great features, including Nucleus, among others. He basically went through questions he received from people on his blog and [...]

10 Reasons your Renders Suck…

2 Here is an amazingly blunt, but also very good article off of CGTalk that sums up a lot of good points that any beginner/intermediate/expert 3D artist should think about with any of there projects/work. Though [...]
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