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Autoload Mental Ray Plugin Shenanigans

I don’t think I will ever truly know why, but for some reason my laptop ALWAYS loads Mental Ray. But at work it turns into a guessing game, an incredibly annoying guessing game. So what can you do when you never know if the Mental Ray plugin will load after you click that beautiful [...]

facingSetup script

In a continuing effort to keep my MEL/Scripting understanding up to par I continue to try and pump out little scripts that can make a task a little bit easier. Especially something that you have to do often enough it gets amazingly annoying and repetitive. So I was recently doing some [...]

parti_volume setup v2 (UPDATE)

Firstly, I would like to thank Vic for his comment on my last parti_volume setup post that lead to this breakthrough. NOTE: All work done in Maya 2010. So, in the last tutorial I had stipulated that all geometry and lights must be INSIDE the volume container and that the Camera must be [...]

Smooth Mesh Preview

Remember the good ol’ days when you could apply TurboSmooth to everything in your scene and than turn the viewport iterations to zero and let Mental Ray sort out all of that wacky smoothing stuff? Then one day you opened up Maya and everything changed. You applied a Subdiv Proxy, [...]

parti_volume setup

I learned most of this from Digital Tutors, but other than there I couldn’t find any other tutorials for it. So I’ve decided to make up a quick tutorial here for all you devoted readers. NOTE: I am doing this in Maya 2009 Unlimited Firstly, create a simple little scene. It [...]
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